Shop hours are your chance to work on the car, get started on a project, or learn about the team in a small scale setting. Shop hours feature small groups or individuals working on specific aspects of the car. Shop hours are hosted by their respective design leads. We meet in our space in the Innovation Studio, at 3101 Market Street, unless otherwise posted. During these hours, at least one officer of the club will be in the studio.


Mechanical Shop Hours:

Mechanical & Ergonomics Design Lead: Fernando Gonzalez

Tuseday: 5:00PM -> 8PM

Wednesday: 5:30PM -> 8PM

Thursday: 5:00PM -> 8PM


Suspension & Chassis Design Lead: Jeremy Wartenberg

Tuseday: 5:00PM -> 8:00PM

Thursday: 5:00PM -> 8:00PM


Officer: Andy Zhong

Wednesday: 5:30PM -> 8:00PM


Electrical Shop Hours:

Electrical & High Voltage Design Lead: Jason Laug

Tuseday: 3:00PM -> 7:00PM

Wednesday: 6:00PM -> 9:00PM

Thursday: 6:00PM -> 9:00PM


Low Voltage Design Lead: Alex Pylaras

Tuesday: 7:00PM -> 9:00PM

Wednesday: By Announcement

Thursday: 7:00PM -> 9:00PM


Officer: Ian Kennedy

Tuesday: 7:00PM -> 8:30PM

Thursday: 7:00PM -> 8:30PM

Software Shop Hours:

Software Design Lead: Benedict Hofmockel

Tuesday: 6:00PM -> 9PM

Thursday: 6:00PM -> 9PM

Friday: By Announcement


Shop Location: